Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage.

A Medicare Part D (Rx Plan) through a private insurance company can help you drastically reduce out-of-pocket expenses at the pharmacy. Each insurance company offering prescription drug plans is mandated by Medicare to cover certain Rx’s pharmacies with the network.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “I don’t take any prescriptions. Why do I need to purchase a Part D plan?” The answer is simple: If you don’t enroll while eligible for Part D and don’t hold credible Part D coverage, Medicare will charge a 1% late enrollment penalty each month until you do enroll. This would be applied to the future plan chosen and would be applicable to the average monthly premium for that year. Monthly premiums can also vary based on household income.

Medicare Part D Rx Plan coverage and costs vary by the company providing the coverage. Each company has a formulary of covered drugs that are listed into different “tiers.” The level tier of the drug will determine the cost; the lower the tier of the drug, the lower the cost.


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